As we step away from the “why” of design (story), to talk about the “how” of design (process), it is important that you understand one thing. Our emphasis on efficiency of process is not separate from our heart for designing homes that tell your story. Instead, it is an extension of the same passion for finely tuned attention to detail, expressed at every layer.

The pragmatic side of moving through the design process efficiently and completely is critical. Careful planning leads to successful and seamless execution.

Avoidable Frustrations

You are probably already familiar with the most common four concerns of those considering a construction project.  All of these are avoidable with careful and detailed advanced planning.

  • Stress
  • Budget overruns
  • Construction timing delays
  • Disappointment in the end result

Conducting with Excellence

Think of the many artisans it takes to bring a well crafted home into fruition.  Now, think of an orchestra. Even the most talented group of musicians will fail to deliver a beautiful performance without the guidance of a conductor.  Your home is the symphony; Steve is the conductor of the orchestra.

Steve’s role, as your architect, is to bring leadership and vision to the process of creating your home. Our design process follows a defined and logical path that ensures efficient and thoughtful development of your design.  Steve takes on the responsibility of managing the entire process, from beginning to end.

Heirlooms are in the Details

The end result of our process is a complete set of construction documents that effectively communicates ALL of the design decisions for the home.   Too often, architects provide “complete” plans that still leave upward of 50% of the details undecided.  Heirloom quality details don’t happen by accident, and they don’t happen at the construction phase. When you take the time to make your decisions on paper, in advance, you maintain control of the project.  A contractor can only give you pricing on what’s been communicated.  When everything has been detailed, you receive a highly accurate pricing estimate.  Then, together, we can take control of that budget, make any final design decisions and proceed into construction.  

Architectural Process Outline


Your story drives design

  • Pre-Design:
    • Site Analysis
    • Zoning and Code Review
    • Programming
    • Inspiration
    • Budget Analysis
  • Schematic Design (Base home design and layout)
    • Conceptual sketches
    • Hand Drawn scale floor plans and elevations
    • Site Plan
    • Exterior Material Palette
    • Preliminary 3D model
    • Budget Pricing from Contractor(s)
  • Design Development (All design decisions are made)
    • Refinement of all interior and exterior spaces
    • Full Material Selections
    • Full product selections
    • Exterior and Interior Details
    • Cabinetry Details
    • Full 3D Model
    • Budget Pricing from General Contractor
    • Contractor Selection
  • Construction Documents (Communication of design for construction)
    • Full set of construction drawings
    • All schedules
    • Final Pricing from General Contractor
  • Construction Administration
    • Observe construction and answer any questions
    • Review and approve shop drawings
    • Site visits (in-person or virtual)
    • Review pay requests from General Contractor

Steve’s passion for a relationship driven experience is woven throughout the process above.  It remains intensely personal.  He sketches the very first lines, he makes the most exacting final plan revisions, and he guides every choice in between. You are included in each part of the process, but never saddled with decisions that you are not well positioned to make.  The result is always something uniquely extraordinary that suits you perfectly.

If you’re looking for anything less, then we might not be the right fit.  But, if this sounds like the kind of carefully curated home design experience you’d like to have, we invite you to reach out.

Steve’s passion for a relationship driven experience is woven throughout the process above.  It remains intensely personal.