Live with anticipation


Sculpted from a single feature line, the powerful presence of this home reveals a secret first discovered during the hard working entrepreneurial years of this couple’s life.

It is a passion for the balanced duality of living firmly planted in this moment, and holding loosely to the buzzing anticipation of what is yet to come. Their home, both the product and the expression of their achievement of that delicate balance, is a stunning statement of a life well-lived.

“the fine work of the mason joins again and again with the gentle grain of well-worn wood, reflecting the way, in time, each chapter of our story is seamed elegantly to the next.”

As your eyes descend from this home’s backbone of strong, simple forms, they come to rest, ultimately, on the intricately carved timbers that fluidly frame each vista point. Whether you are looking out, or looking in, there is a sense of anticipation about what lies just beyond, and you are coaxed into taking a step closer. Looking a bit deeper. Peering out a bit further. Inside, the kitchen opens into the back-yard pool through a moveable glass wall, and on a hot summer day, the pattering of little feet erupts into playful splashing. Walls removed, tensions unwound, you are caught up in the joy of this moment. In the cool shadow of softly chiseled limestone walls, you find yourself folding back your own barriers, and allowing yourself to seek out the often-missed treasures life has to offer.

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