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The beautiful metamorphosis of this home springs from a heart for the preservation of its humble core - a beloved hunting cabin laden with generations of fond family memories.

It would have been easier, dare we say less expensive, to tear down the hand hewn logs and build something entirely new. But the sentiment held by this family was clear. There is no use in building anything new if the cost is losing something long-cherished.

“the fine work of the mason joins again and again with the gentle grain of well-worn wood, reflecting the way, in time, each chapter of our story is seamed elegantly to the next.”

The original cabin dormers rise through the roof and above the masonry walls; the very same logs descend into the most private spaces inside the home. Carefully integrated into the newer surrounding structure inside and out, the chinked wood radiates an unmistakably warm aesthetic. But for the family who lives here, there is a living warmth in these memory-soaked timbers.

Anchoring the new parts of the home around the sturdy, rustic beams speaks simultaneously of a well-grounded and grandly-elevated life. Where century old materials meet unweathered ones, family and visitors alike pause, and appreciate anew the value of both


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