After a few minutes of conversation, you realize you’re in the right place…

“Downsizing after the best year you’ve ever had doesn’t make much business sense,” he says, with relaxed amusement.  But that is exactly what Steve Kemp did, when he realized that for him, architecture was never about business.

“It never felt right,” he begins, “that a client should choose me – my work – and get anything less than one-hundred percent of me.  From the first sketch to the finest adjustment on a set of plans.”  These words began a sacred departure that took him down a rarely traveled path in the world of architecture. Away from his beginnings in large design corporations.  Away from the residential firm he built. Away from the relentless pursuit of “more” and “bigger.”  Away from the accepted path to architectural success.  To right here.  An intimate studio at the end of a farm lane, surrounded by a grove of old hardwoods and infused with pieces of his own history.

That pivotal choice – to embrace fewer projects, to return to a more personal approach, to refine his craft, and give it everything he had – would yield a rich harvest that even he did not anticipate.   In the process of indulging his desire to provide a passion-driven personal experience, he dove deep into the intrigue of the life-long (sometimes generations-long)  journey that brought each client to his studio, where they sat, preparing him to design something that was much more significant than just a beautiful place to live.  It was there, in getting to know the values, victories, and heartaches of the people who would live and move within the homes he designed, that he unearthed the hidden passion that had long kindled his love of architecture. “It’s about story,” he says, revealing his secret. Story, he discovered, is the fertile soil where beauty takes root and is nourished with significance and purpose.

Steve Kemp is a raconteur in the medium of architecture, and he skillfully wields its richly endowed forms and intricately curated details.  From the moment the first line is penned on blank paper, the story begins to unfold.  The way a home emerges from its surroundings tells a story.  The soft curve of a rough stone arch tells a story.   Passageways, openings and doors tell stories.  Carefully crafted drawer pulls tell stories.  Saw-scarred wood nestled snugly in sleek steel beams tell stories.  Thoughtfully woven together, they tell one magnificent story.   “What I’m looking for,” he says, pausing reflectively, “are people who find value in their story, and who welcome the idea of letting their home tell it.  That’s what this is about.  That’s my passion.  That’s what I do.”



Before there were architects, the designer was often a master craftsman - one who had a hands-on approach, and was fluent in the language of construction…

Steve’s practice honors the old ways by resurrecting principles of architecture’s rich history. He is relentless in his consideration of the details, and in communicating those efficiently to the team of artisans who skillfully bring his designs to life.  With obvious affection, he describes his work as “a return to a time when a home was a prized member of the family – special – and the people who built it were talented craftsmen.” 

His passion for the avant garde is anchored in the timeless aesthetics of classical architecture. “I love to blend the old with the new in unexpected ways, consistently challenging the status quo.” But, the ways of classical architecture are never abandoned, so that what you end up with is something entirely new, yet already an heirloom.


Each Steve Kemp home is exclusively your story, penned - exclusively - by his hand.

Perhaps you were first drawn in by his published pieces, the breadth of projects that span the country, or the words of past clients. But now, he answers your questions with expert clarity, and listens intently, to answer your unspoken questions. He is already helping you see things differently. Already replacing anxious uncertainties with exciting possibilities. He is taking you deeper. And you become aware that his twenty-five years of experience haven’t been about the lines on the paper. Instead those years have been focused on the mastery of crafting homes that tell your story, reveal who you really are, and fit in every way. He knows how to plan forward, and as he shares his passion for the details, you begin to appreciate how well-refined plans lead to better design. You are unburdened from having to conduct the symphony of decisions, processes, and artisans that it will take to bring your home to fruition. He knows what it takes to communicate design well, and he loves to do it.


Each Steve Kemp home is exclusively your story, penned - exclusively - by his hand.

If you’ve read Steve’s story, you already know his love for homes that tell stories with every piece of their being.  Every design bears a sense of precious rarity; it expresses the uniqueness of the people who live and move inside its carefully crafted spaces.
But more than that, his passion for a relationship driven experience extends deeply into the design process. It remains intensely personal. He sketches the very first lines. He makes the most exacting final plan revisions.  And he pens every choice in between.