Stand on the Precipice


“We could spend every day here,” the owners thought tentatively, as dreams started to take root. On this dry craggy ground, they began to imagine a home which expressed their longing to break free and be drawn into a journey of discovery.

It begins humbly, as most journeys do. Under a roofline which reverently mimics the still-concealed mountain vista, it welcomes you. Once inside, the foyer offers a sense of breathy embrace, and a first invitation to explore.

The deep groove of a valley can be seen diagonally through the kitchen. You rotate, inquisitively looking for the next hint. 

Just a peek of a peak is visible through the window positioned at the far edge of the home. You lean to catch another glimpse.  

A beckoning glow bathes the floor of the adjacent living room.  You move toward it.  

These glimpses offer an unforced invitation, and you find yourself yielding to its prompting with a comfort akin to conversing with an old friend.  Instinctively you know, it is preparing you to experience something both tangible and relational.   

Curiosity draws you deeper into the home and your investigation pays off as the walls give way: the grand vista is fully revealed.  You hesitate, in awe of the majesty you are now a part of, and wonder if you are still inside.  The home feels kinetic, offering safety and protection while gently lifting you – propelling you – not only to witness, but to participate in the grandeur.  Reaching out, beyond the limitations of the lower floor, it now fully expresses its longing to go further.  You float beyond the confines of structure, cantilevered over the descending landscape.  Breathtaking.  

Eyes open in wonder, you are now prepared for the continuing journey that awaits inside.  Crafting the evening meal for friends, exploring uncharted places in conversation, inwardly unearthing the wisdom gleaned from the day, or delving excitedly into the next creative project, you remain aware of what this is really about:  Standing on a precipice, allowing yourself to be projected into what lies beyond, and accepting the offer to take part in its magnificence. 


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